Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

the girls picked some flowers from grandmas planters
on her porch haha
Check out Olivia's shoes
First of all- they are Brookes
Second-they dont even match, not even close!
she has been refusing to wear her own shoes
and will only wear what she picks out!

Carson got a flower too, this is him dropping it
to Grandpa.

Carson sitting on Grandpa's grave with the barbies :)

Happy Birthday!

The sunset, Dad loved a pretty sunset!

Lighting a candle to sing to Grandpa

the wind was blowing the candle out so I told the
girls it was Grandpa blowing out his candle :)


Olivia had to have a chance to blow it out too!

Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Carson blowing kisses

can't get enough of his smile! 

Love you Grandpa, Miss you!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Never enough food!

Carson was never into his baby food but once he started
to get real food he just doesn't think he has ever had
quite enough.
I thought I would just give him a bite and let him
try it, see if he could eat it off the cob.

he wanted to try it himself LOL

ohhh man like we never feed him!

look at how good he is eating that right down to the core
big bites
My favorite one, you can see how he just mauls it!
getting every last bite
I took it away and he started to pout!
I better watch my fingers :)
yum yum finger lickin good
and just a shot of Olivias big blue eyes!

RJ lost his job...

So RJs company Call Tower that he has
been working for for almost 5 years now
with no raise for almost 4 years now.
Decided they are going to outsource RJs
department, see ya!  RJ has devoted so
much into this company it makes me sick
he does a side job for them that he doesn't
get paid extra for, he has stayed up till 3AM
finishing OTHER PEOPLEs assignments
so that the company doesn't look bad.
He spent his whole summer last year out
in California doing installs for them even
though that is not his job and his wife was
7,8 and 9 months pregnant, severly anemic and
had the 2 other kids to care for but we thought
it would be best if he could do all he could for the
company to make sure they knew how reliable RJ
was for them!  They claim that they are sick about
losing him and that they would keep him on if there
was a spot there for him but it's really hard to believe.
We have found out that with the experience RJ has he
could be making  a lot more then he is now anyways so
who knows what will come of this.  We are trying to
stay positive and hope for the best but it is hard.
so RJ called me told me what happened and I had
Kylee and Austin over playing with Brooke so
I told them, ok guys when RJ is home we need to
be quiet and calm, not so hyper he isnt in a good mood.
Brooke asked why and I told them and then Kylee
whispered in their ears something and they went off to
color.  I thought she was just keeping them busy.
They went looking around the house for treats.
these pages had candy taped all over them.
when I saw what they had done I let it all go
and started to cry. (I was doing ok up 
untill then) I have great little nieces and
nephews and my kids too obviously.  The little things
in life are what really matter.  I am so glad I have
all these children in my life, they make it worth living!!!

From Brooke

From Austin
When Austin was a baby him and RJ were the
best of buddies! Austin was always sleeping
over at our house he would get his shoes and
bottle and say bye, bye mommy, take RJs
hand and walk out the door with us!

and here is Kylee's note, she must be a Northridge
fan sliver and burgandy are her favorite colors :)
she is a sweet girl and so good to my kids.
I am grateful for all she does for us!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hunter Hartley's Polynesian Performance

 Ken had gas so we didn't let him sit by us.
haha just kidding he was on call so if he
needed to leave he wouldnt disturb the show :)

I dressed the girls for the occasion!
I have a big kahuna outfit for Carson but
its size 18 months.
When Olivia is actually smiling for the
camera I take lots of pictures cause it
doesn't happen often and look
how cute she is!
So as we were leaving Brooke said something about
needing to go pee and Olivia got upset and said,
"I don't know, I'm not a Doctor!"
haha it was so funny so out of nowhere!
there is Hunter on the right
This group was so cute the little one on the right is
only 2 years old!
haha Buddy is dancing
He is so fun!
Hunter on the right again, the only white one haha
His growl face, the haka!
they pulled people from the audience to teach them
this was so funny/sad.  This little boys shirt was stuck
on his head, then he started to take his pants off
and the teacher was like no no no leave your clothes
on, what are your parents teaching you haha it was
so funny! (she knew the little boy)
Hunter on the left
this part was the best!  Hunter is right there in the middle.
They dressed as women and danced like the women
do, it was SO funny and Hunter totally had the moves!
ohh yeah, go Hunter!!!
Hunter fire knifes I think they called them
SO cool!
I love how these pictures turned out
Hunter doing his fire solo, he did awesome!
Can I go to Hawaii now???  PLEASE :(